Mid day walks and visits

20 Minute Walk or Visit


A perfect mid day break. Our dog walkers will take your dog for a walk, give fresh water, and feed upon request.

30 Minute Walk or Visit


This service is tailored for crated dogs and dogs that require a bit more exercise or TLC. As always, we'll give fresh water and feed upon request.

Sniffari Adventure


We pick your dog up, head out to the park or beach for a relaxing combination of long-line walking, sniffing, light recall training, and play as desired. Fee includes transportation and a 30 minute sniffari. Excellent for highly stressed, anxious, and reactive dogs for decompression and socialization. A 1 hour Sniffari is $75.00

Vacation Pet Sitting

Early Booking Discount


Early booking helps us plan for the best possible service for you and your pets. Book and pay your non-refundable $100 deposit at least 30 days in advance and receive 10% off of your entire vacation pet sit. This is a major savings that will help during these financially challenging times. The early booking discount applies to the Dog Gone Great 3 times daily pet sitting packages (morning, mid-day, and night).

Dog-Gone Great Package


We'll come to your house 3 times daily (early morning, mid-day, and night time) to feed, walk, play with, and give your pup/s, kitties, and other household pets good care and lots of love and snuggles. Each visit is 30 minutes and the rate is for up to 4 pets. Extra time can be added on for households that need more time and attention for each animal. Partial days will be billed ala carte (see prices below).

The Cat's Pajamas


These 20 minute mid-day kitty visits are between 10am-2:30pm. Perfect for cats and small animals who will be content with less attention and more time spent feeding, refreshing water, scooping litter and cleaning habitats as needed. Hey - we always find time for a good ear scratch unless your kitty prefers to peer at us from under the bed...Rate applies for up to 4 cats. Do your cats need more time? We offer 30 minute visits for $24 per visit.

30 Minute Morning Visit (6:30-9am)


Your sitter will arrive bright and early to take your dog for a good morning walk or game of fetch. Feeding, refreshing water, clean-up, and snuggles are included and we always bring treats to keep the pups we care for happy!

30 Minute Mid-Day Walk or Visit


30 minutes of fun walks, snuggles and attention to the care of your dog or cat. All dogs on our pet sitting schedule must have 3 visits per day - morning, mid-day, and night. Cats may be scheduled once daily for this mid-day visit.

30 Minute Night Visit (7:30-9pm)


Dinner is served, it's nighty-nite walky time and we'll make sure your pups get a good snuggle before tuck-in time. Night visits are between 7:30-9pm

Last Minute Louie


Hey... it happens! When someone bails on sitting for your pets, we'll do our best to make sure you can still take your trip. We want you to be able to get out of town when a last minute opportunity arrives and do take late reservations if possible. If you need to schedule a pet sit with less than 7 days notice, we add this fee for the extra planning and management we'll incur as we rearrange schedules to accommodate your request.
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