Puppy Programs and Services

Surf Sitters trainer Shannon Morrow is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start-Right program and specializes in foundation training and socialization of puppies during their critical socialization period (between 7-16 weeks). During this time, it’s important to provide safe and positive exposure to all things your puppy will likely experience throughout life. Early, safe, positive training and exposure dramatically lessen the likelihood of behavior problems later in life.  Does your pup need potty breaks while you work?  Why not have a qualified expert visit during this critical developmental period to provide positive and safe potty breaks, enrichment, socialization, and training while you work?  Surf Sitters offers special puppy programs and visits for your every need.

Puppy Pre-School and Potty Breaks

Puppy Pre-School Online Video Tutorial Course


Enjoy the benefits of having a professional guide you through teaching your puppy all they need to know. With our step-by-step video tutorials you can watch and train at your own pace. Even if your puppy is too young for puppy classes or has not received vaccine immunity yet, you can start now to ensure that your puppy is on track to gain everything needed to become a confident, relaxed dog in adulthood. This series includes 86 training videos including training games, enrichment activities, fun field trip activities, obedience skills, a guide to positive exposure and socialization, crate training, potty training, and more.
Core Obedience Skills including Name recognition, sit, recall, down, targeting, settle on a mat, watch me, loose-leash manners, leave it, stay, drop, roll-over, spin, and more. Potty and Crate Training, Problem Prevention: Jumping, biting, chewing, separation anxiety, digging, resource guarding, and counter surfing. The Human Side of Things: Skills and knowledge to set you up for training success. Contact Surf Sitters to enroll and get started right away!

Puppy Pre-School Premium


Set your puppy up for success during the most critical learning period of canine development. This program includes a 1-hour online orientation to positive training and socialization, 4 private training sessions in your home or via zoom if you prefer,1-year access to our Puppy Pre-School video tutorial course, and a copy of the Karen Pryor Puppy-Start Right book. This program teaches you how to use positive reinforcement for training and socialization, how to prevent problem behaviors before they start, and jumps starts your puppy's introduction to training as a fun, enriching experience that you will both enjoy. The included online video tutorial course covers a wide range of training topics, games, enrichment, mental stimulation, and socialization activities that will keep you both busy for months to come. Best of all, you can start right away. Contact Surf Sitters to enroll and get instant access to your video library even if we can't start your training program right away.

Puppy P.E.T. visits (potty, enrichment, and training) 10 pack


Need visits for your new puppy while you work? This program incorporates puppy potty breaks with training, fun games, and enrichment activities. Each 30-minute session includes time for potty, training time, and fun games and socialization activities to set your puppy up for success as an adult. The Puppy P.E.T. program includes 10 mid-day visits while you work, a one-hour online orientation to positive training, a Karen Pryor Academy Puppy Start Right book, and a year's access to our Puppy-Pre-School Video Tutorial program. Add a second daily potty break for only $18 extra per day until your puppy is old enough to go longer between visits.

Puppy Potty Breaks


Not interested in training but still need someone to stop by for mid-day visits with your new pup while you work? These 20 minute visits are perfect for a mid-day potty break, a bit of play, some water, and treats! Start with two daily visits and move to one as your puppy adjusts to quiet time and masters bladder control for longer durations.

Puppy P.E.T. visit hours: 9:30am-2pm Monday-Friday