Pet Sitting Services

Pets do best with routine and stability. With our vacation pet sitting options, your pet will be cared for by certified and well-trained professionals and feel content and relaxed in the comfort of their own home.

All visits and overnight stays include: feeding, walks and play, snuggling, medication administration, plant watering, and cleaning of pet areas and supplies, checking the mail, and taking the trash for pickup.   For additional information, check out our Overnight Pet Sitting FAQ’s HERE.

Pet Sitting for Dogs

Overnight Stay


Recommended! This premium pet experience includes a 12 hour overnight stay to keep your pets cozy and comfy while minimizing your worry about being away. One of our devoted pet sitters will arrive at your house by 7:30 pm and stay for 12 hours. That means your pups will have a human companion until at least 7:30 am to cuddle up to, play tug, even play a good game of chase. This is in addition to being able to take your dog out whenever your dog needs to use the puppy potty. And, your home will be lived in while you are gone, adding the extra benefit of security and safety for you and your pets. Add a minimum of one drop-in visit each afternoon for potty, walks, playtime and affection.

30 Minute Drop In Visits


Going away for 4 nights or less? While we do recommend overnight stays, drop-In pet sitting is suitable for dogs who are not crated, have no fear of thunderstorms, no separation anxiety, will go out for potty breaks even when it is raining, and are comfortable with being alone for longer periods. Ideal for multi-pet households with healthy adult dogs who enjoy each other's company. Your sitter will feed, walk, and play with your dogs morning, afternoon, and night time to ensure they are comfortable on your short trips away from home. Evening visits can be extended to 45 minutes for $5 extra. Minimum 3 daily visits.

Cat and Small Animal Care

Overnight Stays


Our 12 hour overnight stays are perfect for indoor pets such as cats, birds, bunnies, and guinea pigs who enjoy human companionship at night and don't need afternoon visits during the day. Our sitter will arrive at your house by 7:30 pm and stay for 12 hours. Your pets will have a super fun house guest until at least 7:30 am to feed them, snuggle up, play a game of dangle mouse or stretch their wings and fly around the house. And, your home will be lived in while you are gone, adding the extra benefit of security and safety for you and your pets. Rate for up to 4 indoor animals. Add $5 for each additional.

Cat or Caged Animal Visit


20-minute visit. During this visit, your pet sitter will feed your pet, refill and freshen up the water, play with your pet, scoop litter, and clean habitats as instructed. Want to add some extra cuddle or playtime for your feline friend? Add $4 for an additional 10 minutes of play, brushing, ear scratches and snuggles! This rate is for up to 2 pets. Add $2 per additional pet.

Which Service Is Best for Your Pet?

As pack animals, dogs desire and require company and attention. They thrive in their own familiar environment, complete with the sounds, smells, and sights they are used to.   In addition, most dogs get the majority of their human bonding time at night when the folks are home.  We think dogs are the safest and happiest with nighttime companionship.  For your special canine friends, our overnight stays are the option they deserve. Other animals prefer the stability of their home life, too. Having a pet sitter stay in your home is the best option to provide your pet with the comfort and security he needs to thrive while you’re away.  Our premium pet sitting services are designed to keep your pet’s routine as close to normal as possible while providing all the fun and excitement of having a house guest to keep them entertained.

Check out our overnight pet sitting FAQ’s here

Unlike dogs, some animals are more solitary and don’t require as much company and attention when you’re away. These include cats that dart under the bed at the sound of any stranger and the rabbit that goes about her business when you get home without batting an eyelash.

We want these pet babies to be just as content as our overnight stay clients, but we know it might not take quite as much time commitment to accomplish this. Under these circumstances, we’re happy to stop by and visit your dogs, cats, birds, fish, and other indoor pets. We’ll make sure they have fresh food and water, a little TLC, and keep their supplies, litter boxes, and habitats nice and tidy.

What are the benefits of pet sitting?

Your pet family needs rest and relaxation, and other options like boarding or daycare facilities are noisy and stressful. With the constant barking and uncertainty of a foreign environment, boarded dogs are often deprived of rest. And these facilities only give pups minimal scheduled walks and attention, not to mention the hassle of extra vaccines, the possibility of illness, and the loneliness at the end of the afternoon when the staff goes home.

In addition to feeling like the king or queen of the castle, your pet will enjoy

  • going out to potty anytime they want (with overnight stay option)
  • being fed at their normal meal schedule, in the setting they are used to
  • receiving plenty of individual attention from our sitters
  • quiet time to snooze in the comfort of their own beds
  • someone present, in case of emergency (with overnight stay option)
  • avoiding the possibility of contagious illnesses
  • avoiding extra vaccinations (many boarding facilities require Bordetella every 6 months)

Indoor Pet Visit Surcharges

Additional Pet >2


Peak Season Weekends on the Island


Major Holidays


Overnight Stay Surcharges

Additional Pet >2


Peak Season Weekends on the Island


Major Holidays