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Overnight Pet Sitting FAQ’S

Have questions about how your home will be treated when you choose our luxury premium pet sitting packages for your pets?  You aren’t the first.  Many of our satisfied clients had never chosen professional overnight pet sitting before coming to us, and have asked great questions to help us improve our policies and clarify expectations for everyone.  If you don’t see the answer to a question you have on this page, please reach out to us!

Question:  Will my sitter be living in my home?  Answer:  No.  Your overnight sitter will arrive each night at or slightly before the time specified in the package you choose, and will stay over night for 12 hours to keep your pets entertained, cozy and safe until the morning.  Your sitter will leave the home at or around the specified morning leave time.  Your pets will be visited again mid day (depending on the package you choose) by owners Shannon Morrow or John Barrile, or occasionally by your overnight sitter (with scheduling notice to you) for the amount of time specified in your package.  Your sitter will return at the same time each night, and will be allowed to leave basic items such as clothes, towels, and bedding neatly stored in the room you have assigned her to stay in.  We have created this routine to ensure ample oversight of your home and pets by company owners, and assure you that our sitters know we will be making sure the pet bowls are clean, the sink isn’t full of dirty dishes, and the pets are wagging the tails and purring throughout your booking with us.

Question:  Are your sitters bonded or insured?  Answer:  Our sitters are bonded, insured, and have clean federal background checks (including sex offender and animal cruelty offense checks).

Question:  What happens if there is any damage during a stay, ie. appliances, refrigerator, stove, TV, HVAC unit, washer/dryer, missing items, spillage on carpet or furniture, etc.   Answer:  Our business carries liability insurance that covers any damage to your home as a result of our negligence.  Our sitters are insured under our policy.

Question:  Will they clean up during their stay? Will I return to the clean house that  I left?    Answer:   Our sitters leave the house as clean or cleaner than they found it.

Question:  Are the sitters allowed to cook meals?  Answer:   Yes, we allow our sitters light cooking privileges such as heating canned goods, etc.  to save the unnecessary expense of buying take- out meals before they arrive.  If you’d prefer no cooking, let us know – there may be an added per diem to allow them to purchase dinner on their way to your home. Our sitters are responsible for cleaning all areas they use in your home and will certainly clean any cookware they use.

Question:  Will my sitter adjust my thermostat for comfort?   Answer:  We expect that your thermostat will be set at a comfortable level for pets and people.  Feel free to discuss any limitations or concerns about the temperature setting with us at the time of your meet and greet.

Question:  Is my sitter allowed to use the shower?  Answer:  Our sitters don’t generally have time to shower because they are busy taking care of your pets and do leave early in the morning.  We hope that if they need a shower that will be ok with you.  Please let us know if it isn’t.

Question:  Am I supplying clean sheets and towels which I have to launder upon return?  Answer:  Our sitters bring their own bedding and towels, which they lay over the top of the bed you assign them to sleep on.

Question:  Will my sitter smoke in my home?  Answer:  No.

Question:  Will my sitter be allowed to have company?  Answer:  No.

Question:  How do you know my sitter stays all night?  Will my sitter leave my home to go out with friends, etc.?  Answer:  We use GPS tracking via an app to check your sitter’s arrival time and leave time.  In addition, part of our job as company owners is to spend a little time driving by periodically to check on whether each sitter’s car is where it is supposed to be.  More important, we have a relationship with our sitters and know they aren’t the type to leave an assignment.  They care about your pets.  In addition, we all know that your neighbors have eyes and ears, too.  Our sitters do not leave their overnight assignments for any reason.  If something comes up, they call us to see if we can drop by to provide any forgotten items or whatever they may need.

Question:  Why don’t you offer drop-in pet sitting for dogs?  Answer:  Dogs are pack animals and do not thrive when left alone for long periods of time.  Because we are a premium care company, we provide only services designed to maximize your dog’s well being.

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