Our team receiving their dog walking safety certification.

The Surf Sitters Approach

We want to give you peace of mind, knowing your pets are getting the best care and companionship. So, we developed the Surf Sitters Approach to embody our mission to make every pet happy, comfortable, and physically and mentally healthy.

We never want you to worry about your pet’s wellbeing while you’re away. So, all of our Pet Caretakers are Pet CPR/First Aid trained in addition to receiving additional safety expertise from Sandra Harknett of Purrfect Pooches Dog Training in Sneads Ferry. And the owners of Surf Sitters take a hands-on approach by personally training and overseeing each team member to make sure each experience you have with Surf Sitters exceeds your expectations.

Your dog is unique which means you need a dog walker or pet sitter that can practically read your pup’s mind. All of our walkers and sitters are trained to interpret canine body language and respond with the appropriate human body language to make your dog feel comfortable and confident every time we visit.

If you have a special harness or leash, we’re trained to leash up your dog quickly and efficiently to reduce the walk anticipation and quickly get out into the fresh air. All of our walkers are even trained in how to respond promptly and safely to strays, off-leash dogs, and other unsafe scenarios.

And if your dog has special needs or considerations, we can accommodate your pooch to make him as happy as possible. We work with dogs with anxiety, special needs, and puppies that are still figuring out how to walk properly on a leash. If you just brought your new fur baby home, make sure you learn more about our pet sitting services if you’re planning on leaving town.

What makes us different from other services?

With Surf Sitters, your pet’s well being is our number-one priority. We personally vet every pet sitter we employ. We also ensure proper training of any walker or sitter that interacts with pets.

Unlike many other services, we’ll come out and meet your pup before you book your sitter. And unlike apps, the owners of Surf Sitters personally check the quality of care each Surf pup, cat, lizard, or bunny receives under the care of a Surf Sitter. Also, unlike apps, our services are tailored to your pet. We want to learn how we can keep your pet happy while you’re away, and we aim to go above and beyond to make your pet comfortable.

Did you know most veterinarians only recommend pet boarding as a last resort? This is because overnight boarding facilities can be very noisy and stressful for pets. Most pets being boarded only receive minimum interaction with people and are left alone at night. This means they’re not getting the attention and reassurance they need to feel safe and secure, let alone happy. And most dogs require additional vaccines before boarding, yet many still end up with conditions like kennel cough or digestive issues caused by stress. Our services eliminate the stress of the racket, loneliness, and discomfort pets experience while boarding.

Plus, with Surf Sitters, we will always treat your home with respect. We think about the little things. We always provide all of our dogs with ample fresh water after their walks and during stays. And our slumber-party pets can watch us take out your trash, bring in the mail, rotate the blind and lighting, and water your plants. These small touches help to deter theft to keep your pet safe along with your home.

Our team model ensures that there will always be someone there for your pets

The Pups Who Inspired Our Approach

Cody CocoNut

I am such a fun-loving rascal that my family nicknamed me Coco-Nut!  When I’m not busy chasing my sister round the yard, I spend my time on kitchen patrol – gotta keep that floor sparklin’ clean!   I joined Surf Sitter’s pack in July 2016.  Before that, well, some experiences are better forgotten.  Anyhow, I always knew I was going to make someone really happy and I was right!  My job is making my family smile and I’m really good at it!


Shannon and John bailed me out of the slammer in 2013.  I wasn’t sure about living in a house with humans, but in the end, they won me over, though I wish they would turn that dastardly heat off…  I love cheese…and bones.  Did I mention cheese?  Shan tells me it’s my job to keep her fit ‘n trim, so I always remind her when it’s time for her walk.  I’ve recently taken up barking and enjoy digging holes in the sand now that we live near the beach.  I’m a good girl, or so they tell me….and I do enjoy a piece of cheese.  Oops – gotta get back to yard patrol – see ya’ later!


Hey!  Cheetah here.  Not much time for talk.  Mine is a busy life – if it weren’t for me, their house would be completely covered in lizards.  They?  You know, the tall two-leggers – I think they call themselves Mom and Dad.  The others around here look more like me, but I’m the only Newfie face in the bunch.  I’m a handsome guy.  I’ve had some adventures and ended up in some pretty sticky situations, but my good looks and winning personality always prevail. It’s time to settle down now and this pack works for me.  I think I’ll stick around.

In Loving Memory of Claude

2002 – 2016

I joined John’s pack back in 2002. I was just a pup roamin’ around the streets of Chicago when we met. He took me into his home and gave me some grub, I decided I liked it there, and we’ve been together ever since.. We’ve moved around some.  In 2006 we landed in Durham, NC, – we liked it there, but we really like living in Hampstead. I like long walks, cool weather when I can get it, and love to play with my little sister Lovey.