Dog Walking

Just because you have to work, doesn’t mean your pet should be bored and lonely all day. Whether your pup suffers from boredom, loneliness, excess energy, chubby-belly-syndrome, or separation anxiety, our daily dog walks are the sweet relief your dog needs.

Nothing makes dogs wag their tails more than getting to see a familiar, smiling face. For all of our canine clients, we build friendships your dog can rely on.  You can rest assured knowing that our staff not only loves your pup, but they know your dog’s personality and quirks.

When we arrive, we want your dog to know and trust his walker. This reduces anxiety and uncertainty, and you will know who is walking your dog! We know if your dog prefers belly rubs to ear scratches and how to get the most out of each visit. With a Surf Sitters’ dog walk, your pup’s ears will blow in the breeze as he strolls alongside a walker that knows him best.

If your pups prefer fetch to walking, our sitters enjoy play dates, too!  We’ll make sure your dog explores every inch of his back yard, or even sit on the porch and share some snuggles with your beloved older or infirm dog.

Daily Dog Walks and Visits

The Quick Fix


20-minute walk - this walk is a great value for working professionals whose pups need a walk every day. This option breaks the monotony of spending the day all alone. And 20 minutes is plenty of time to get some fresh air, a good leg stretch, and a potty break. Your pooch can rehydrate after his walk because we will refresh your pup’s water. We even serve treats to all good boys and girls with The Quick Fix.

The Commuter


30-minute walk – While this option is great for dogs that stay home while you’re at work, it’s specially tailored for crated dogs, dogs with medium to high energy levels, and dogs that just need a little extra TLC. This walk is a little longer which works well for pet parents with slightly longer work hours or longer commutes. As always, we provide your canine companion with belly rubs, ear scratches, fresh water, and treats! The Commuter is sure to give your dog the midday break he needs.

The Scenic Route


45-minute walk – This walk is excellent for high energy breeds such as Shepherds, Collies, Doodles, and other traditional working breeds. If your dog needs a good workout or a little extra companionship, this option lets your dog feel like the center of attention while you’re at work. And if your pup has tendencies to get bored and chew on things he shouldn’t, the extra energy expended with The Scenic Route will leave him too tired to munch on shoes or furniture. And with all the exercise your dog will get, we’ll be sure to refill the water bowl, treat your dog, and provide plenty of tail-wagging pets for your pup!


Additional Dog


Peak Season Weekends on the Island


Major Holidays


Dog Walking Hours: Monday-Sunday 7:30am-9:00am, 10:00am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-7pm