Dog Walking

Reclaim your lunch break and let go of your lonely dog worries!  Whether your pup suffers from boredom, excess energy, chubby-belly-syndrome, or separation anxiety, our daily dog walks are the sweet relief your dog needs. With a Surf Sitters dog walk, your pup’s ears will blow in the breeze as he strolls alongside a walker who knows him best, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing your best buddy is enjoying his day.


Daily Dog Walks


Our 20-minute dog walks break the monotony of spending the day all alone and are a great opportunity for your pups to get plenty of fresh air, a good leg stretch, and a potty break. Your pooch can rehydrate after his walk because we will refresh your pup’s water. We even serve treats to all good boys and girls on their walks and our walkers update you by text after each walk. This rate is for 1 or 2 dogs.

Frequent Walker Discount

Frequent Walkers Rate

Do you work a regular schedule? Do you need an average of 3 or more mid-day walks per week? Great! We have special pricing available for our frequent walkers. Call us at (910) 431-5680 for details.


Extended Walk (+10 min)


Peak Season Weekends on the Island


Major Holidays


Dog Walking Hours: Monday-Sunday 8am-8pm