Cat Sitting Services

Cats do best with routine and stability. With our vacation cat sitting options, your cat will be cared for by certified and well-trained professionals and feel content and relaxed in the comfort of their own home.

All visits include: feeding, play, snuggling, medication administration, plant watering, litter scooping and cleaning of pet areas and supplies, checking the mail, and taking the trash for pickup.

Cat and Small Animal Care

Cat or Caged Animal Visit


During this 20 minute visit, your pet sitter will feed your pet, refill and freshen up the water, play with your pet, scoop litter, and clean habitats as instructed. Want to add some extra cuddle or playtime for your feline friend? Add $4 for an additional 10 minutes of play, brushing, ear scratches and snuggles! This rate is for up to 2 pets. Add $2 per additional pet.

Indoor Pet Visit Surcharges

Additional Pet >2


Major Holidays