The Surf Sitters Mission

We envision a world in which all animals are treated with compassion and with the highest regard for their well-being, happiness, and comfort. Our mission is to provide exemplary dog walking and pet sitting services that will enhance your pets’ natural inclination towards joy and delight and minimize disruptions to his or her routine. For the people attached to the pets, we want you to thrive, too. Our mission is to provide you with freedom from worry and guilt as you take the steps you need to enjoy a great quality of life and to do the work you were made to do.

Meet The Owners

John Barrile, CCDT

John is a certified dog trainer with over 10 years of professional experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and abilities.  John never met a dog or cat he didn’t like. So, after he turned his affinity for furry friends into a full-time career in 2012, he never looked back. His love of the beach brought him to Hampstead where he wanted to spread his best to each animal in the area by opening his dream business, Surf Sitters Pet Care and Dog Walking, LLC. His devotion to pets is unsurpassed and he has a wealth of knowledge that helps him provide the best care you’ll find. And when he’s not making pets happy, he plays the ukulele or cello, creates art, and of course, takes his own pups on adventures. John is known as a lover of all living things, including plants.

Shannon Morrow, CCDT

Shannon is a certified dog trainer and KPA Puppy Start Right Instructor with over 6 years of professional experience working with dogs of all ages, breeds, sizes, and abilities. As co-owner of Surf Sitters Pet Care and Dog Walking, LLC, Shannon cares for creatures of all shapes and sizes. And with her peaceful spirit, creatures love her, too. She spends her time learning and studying how to better communicate with pets, and she’s always glad to share tidbits of knowledge with her clients. She approaches each day as a way to learn something new, and she will embrace your pet unconditionally.  When she’s not walking or training dogs, she celebrates life as an artist, musician, and meditator. Shannon is a natural problem solver, and she prides herself on being able to help clients resolve their pets’ challenges through positive rewards-based techniques. 

Meet Our Surf Sitters

Bonnie Booth

Bonnie is the quintessential pet lover! Keeping animals company brings her joy only matched by the love she has for her husband and two sons. She has three cats Gracie, Holly, and Lucy, a sweet Chihuahua mix named Jada, and a Lionhead bunny named Willow.  It wouldn’t be unusual to find her petting your pup’s belly as he rolls on the ground.

Tina Andes

Tina is a yoga-lover whose love of dogs brought her to Surf Sitters. Tina Andes has been a full-time resident of Surf City for six and a half years! She relocated here from Midlothian Virginia. She’s worked for the Special Olympics while pet sitting for friends and friends of friends. Until recently, she’s always had a dog, and as her human family grew, so did her pup family. Spending time with dogs melts her heart! So, she’s always thrilled to meet new furry friends and a be a part of the Surf Sitter team.