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Happy Fall from Surf Sitters Pet Care!
It’s that barktacular time of the year when the weather starts to cool and dogs are not the only creatures who start to feel frisky! We notice our Surf Pups are covering more ground on their daily dog walks and aren’t quite as eager to get back inside. Even the most mellow dogs tend to have a little more pep in their steps! It’s time to venture back out. Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting fun outdoor places to take your dogs on our new Youtube Channel.   Read on to learn more about:
Our NEW Surf Sitters Youtube Channel!
* Video Tour: Surf City Bark Park and Walking trail
* Meet Bonnie Booth, Surf Sitter of the Month
* Walking Alert: Snakes are active
* Our NEW online booking option


Local Notes:  The Surf City Bark Park

We are always surprised at how many of our pet parents haven’t heard of the Surf City Bark Park! Even if your dog isn’t the “dog park” type, we think he or she might enjoy a shady walk around the trail next to the park, or a romp across the spacious grounds. We take you on a video tour of the Bark Park and walking trail in our newest Youtube video: Surf City NC Dog Park – a great place to walk and play with your pups!
The park is located at 201 Community Center Dr., Surf City, NC.
Looking for a play date? Join the Surf City Bark Meet Up Group  on Facebook.

Did we mention that we are excited about our new Youtube Channel?  The channel is an excellent way for us to feature our fantastic sitters, update you on exciting local pet events and places, demonstrate tips and tools beneficial to pet parents, and show the world the amazingly cute and special dogs and cats of the Topsail Island area.



Careful on your walks – Safety Alert!

We always notice more Copperhead snakes alive and dead on the road around this time of year. Use flashlights for night time walking because Copperheads are most active at night and in the early morning. You can find information on what to do if your dog is bitten online. In all cases, veterinary treatment is necessary. Some sites suggest giving your pet Benedryl immediately as you head towards the vet. Since we aren’t medical professionals, we don’t feel comfortable advising that or any other treatment, but it is worth reading up on since snakes are so common here. We do carry Benedryl in our emergency kits – Benedryl is useful to have on hand for many minor pet ailments. What would we do if your pet were bitten while on a walk with us? If possible, we’d get a glimpse of the snake to help the vet choose the proper treatment. We’d immediately call your vet, take instructions on whether to dose with Benedryl and head to the vet immediately, alerting you along the way.


Meet Bonnie Booth – Surf Sitter of the Month

Bonnie is well known to our long term pets and pet parents. She’s been walking with us for close to 2 years and has never let a pet or pet parent down. Instead, she lifts them up with her sweet talking, belly-rubbing, lotta-loving spirit and her natural inclination to make sure pets in her care are happier when she leaves than when she arrived. Bonnie is a stickler for details and has a great memory. My favorite Bonnie moment was recent: We arrived at a home where she was scheduled to walk a dog, and she brought apples for their horses! We just received a text from a satisfied pet parent, Renee, who wanted us to know that she thinks Bonnie is “A great asset to our company”. We agree.
Bonnie is the quintessential pet lover. Keeping animals company brings her joy only matched by the love she has for her husband and two sons. She has three cats: Gracie, Holly, and Lucy, a sweet Chihuahua mix named Jada, and a Lionhead bunny named Willow.

You can learn more about our team on our About Us page. We are so fortunate to have such wonderful team members.

Surf Sitters Now Offers Online Booking

If Gage were in charge of booking his own walks, he’d call us on his smell-phone, and I think he’d be blowing the phone up. He doesn’t care how his Mom schedules, but we thought you’d appreciate knowing about our NEW online booking option. We’ve heard positive feedback from the small group of regular Surf parents who’ve tried our convenient online booking.
We’d like your experience with Surf Sitters Pet Care to be as effortless and convenient as possible, so we are now offering online booking and your very own client portal. Once you log-in to your account, you’ll be able to view and update your information and edit/update information about your pets (you can even upload photos of them!). You’ll also be able to view your current bookings, edit and delete visits as needed, and request visits for the future. We will soon add the ability to view your account balance and make payments. We’ll let you know when the payment portal is complete.
Online booking prevents the possibility of your request being overlooked. We’ve always been responsive to text and email requests, but worry that the requests may someday be lost in the busy-ness of each day. With online booking, your request goes straight into our scheduling software. Once it’s approved by us, you receive an email confirmation and can even check your schedule if you worry that we have forgotten. We have been using this scheduling software for years. It hasn’t let us down yet, and with the expanded use of the booking feature, you’ll have even more certainty that we’ll be there when you need us.


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